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How to Make Money on Twitter

For those that haven't jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, it's nearly impossible to see the potential. How can 140 characters actually make someone money? Yes we have all heard about celebrities with huge Twitter accounts tweet out a promotion and get paid on the number of sales, clicks that tweet generates (this is called sponsored tweets by the way). For most of us living in the real world that don't haveĀ  Twitter accounts in the millions, sponsored tweets are not a viable alternative for how to make money on Twitter.

So how does one of us mere mortals, the everyday person, getting by, running a business, trying to build a business, or build up a following actually make money on Twitter without putting in tons of money up front using paid advertising? Really the question is - in true gorilla marketing fashion- How to make money on Twitter for free?

Truly- Twitter can be a powerful platform for those that understand how to harness it's power. Twitter has a huge user base, millions of Tweets going out per second, and is a significant source for up to the second news. Think of it this way- with hundreds of millions of people congregated on one platform engaged in the Twitter stream (all of the posts going on for those of us not familiar with the Twitter Lingo), there is bound to be opportunity to make money on Twitter.

Here are a few ways us mere mortals can use Twitter as a marketing tool and actually monetize it:

1- The first thing to do is get started on Twitter, start posting, and respond to DMs, Retweet, and basically post some sharable content.

2- Once you get used to Twitter, it will be easy to engage people with your offer in 140 characters or less. It's ok to reach out to your followers and ask them to share, pass on, or sign up for information you think is relevant and helpful to them.

3- As you get more comfortable with Twitter, you will be able to drive traffic, approach people about the services you have to offer, as well as get people to retweet and share content from your blogs or articles, really the amount of promotion you can do on Twitter is huge.

These quick tips are just scratching the surface of the possibilities and endless ways you can leverage Twitter to make money on Twitter. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and strategies. In the meantime-

see you in the stream!